Comfort Into Yourself

Various perspectives on comfort make us believe that real comfort comes from ourselves, how this self responds to the clothes that are used daily, the food that is consumed, to the activities that are carried out.

Prioritizing comfort is also a form of how we can respect ourselves whose effect is expected to be positive energy for productivity and the environment.

In the first collection, we want to share about comfort, out of 2 pieces and 9 colors available, we want you to choose according to your comfort. We've made the second collection with many product variants, ranging from alternative materials for t-shirts, shirts, jackets, and kurta shirts. Everything we make to meet all your needs according to your comfort.

Oversize Fit

“Oversized” is a term used for the roomiest possible fit, one that doesn't have any body definition at all. It brings to mind slouch, volume and less structure. An oversized fit is the most fashion forward and edgy fit.

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Raya Collection (Kurta)

You can wear a kurta on any occasion. Formal and informal. This is why a kurta is often called a “semi-formal” dress. There are many ways to wear this dress fashionably.

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